Wedding Entertainment on a Budget |

If like most brides you are trying to plan your wedding on a budget, you be stuck trying to plan top notch entertainers at a low cost. You do not have to settle for below par entertainers just because you have limited funds. Try these tips to get wonderful professional wedding entertainment at a reasonable price.First, shop around. Ask family, friends and friends of friends for recommendations, then spend time comparison shopping. Take a hard look at what each vendor is offering for the price. While one might come in with a lower initial bid, another’s higher price may include more free extras that you really want. Don’t be afraid to ask a wedding entertainment vendor you really want to match the price of another bid you’ve gotten from someone else for comparable services.Tell your entertainers of choice what your budget is up front. While they might not be able to give you full service at that price, they may be able to offer you other options such as a shorter performance time or fewer performers. Have the same small band play at both your ceremony and reception – paying for extra hours is often less expensive than hiring a second band, and two of the performers can provide lovely acoustic music during your vows. Remember that everything is negotiable, so don’t be afraid to discuss the points of the contract that are unnecessary for your event but affect the cost.Figure out your budget priorities. You can really wow your guests with a short but spectacular performance by a magician or fire eater, and find the money by providing music from a playlist you created on your iPod rather than hiring an expensive band or DJ. If you absolutely cannot live without the most popular (and expensive) wedding band in town but your budget is already stretched tight, find the money in other parts of your budget by switching to less expensive, in-season flowers or serving chicken instead of prime rib.Save money by combining wedding entertainment with favors. Hire a caricature artist to draw your guests, or provide a photo booth with funny props. Guests get to bring their new portraits home as a remembrance of your special day.Have a bunch of friends who love to perform? Rent a karaoke machine and let your guests provide the music! Fill in music with an iPod playlist made especially for your celebration. Use the money you saved by not hiring a band or DJ on something like a spectacular fireworks display or a juggling team – something that will really wow your guests.Always remember to check with your facility to make sure they have all the necessary requirements for your wedding entertainment, such as fire permits and audio equipment, before signing on the dotted line. Having to provide these yourself can quickly break your budget. In addition, make sure all your vendors have liability insurance. If they don’t and the worst happens, you will be on the hook for any costs incurred. Of course, all of these things should be included in your wedding entertainers contract, which should be signed before any money changed hands.

Entertainment Center Rack |

When it comes to Entertainment Centers, you want to choose the one that fits the room the best. There’s a lot of equipment to be put on an entertainment and as such, you should be thorough and efficient when deciding which one to pick in regards to how much equipment you have and what kind of space you have. Keep in mind, however, that an entertainment furniture doesn’t just have to be one unit. It could be several units, big or small.There are many options available. An entertainment rack furniture will provide users a nifty space to place their audio and visual equipment in an organized fashion, all the while finding a place for your television, surround sound system, or even video game console.With many options available, the consumer must be careful to note how much space they have and what they want to with it. It’s important to note that a good entertainment rack should have sufficient space to hide the wiring that comes with all electronics.It is one of the first items that guests look at when they walk into the house. Keep that in mind when deciding on an entertainment center rack.They do make good additions to your home theater room. Your home theater room should be a room that entertains and excites. No one likes to watch a movie in a theater room that looks disjointed and unorganized.Do the smart thing and buy an entertainment center rack at low prices with high quality.

Atmosphere Entertainment – When and Where it is Effective |

Say you are having a cirque themed event then you do not really want to have birthday party clowns there because it is not what you would see at a cirque show. You would see European clowns with far less make-up and a totally different color palette for costuming.A lot of meeting planners or event producers make the mistake of just hiring a clown or balloon twister and it can be great (trust me I have done both) but it does not relay that you went the extra mile in the research. Event planning companies and agencies have the specific job of making your event hassle free and unique use them!Atmosphere entertainment is not going to be effective if you do not use it properly. If you are having a function in a small banquet room where the tables are not going to be very far apart then a strolling entertainer would not really be able to do his or her job. Instead perhaps place them on a pedestal in an area that people would be walking past to get a drink or use the rest room. It will not be intrusive to the overall purpose of the event or its guests but it will add the desired punch to the theme and get your efforts noticed.I recently had a client ask for a stilt walker to be part of an “Under the Big Top” themed event. They said they wanted the performer to meet and greet guests before and after dinner in the lobby to let them know the silent auction was going on and maybe take some pictures with them as they were entering and exiting the room. This is a fantastic use of atmosphere entertainment because she understood that during the actual dinner people would not want someone towering over them trying to make them laugh at a black tie gala. People would be constantly getting up and down from their seats and it could make for a potentially hazardous situation if someone were to knock into the stilt walker and send him crashing down (not a pretty picture).So the next time you are planning a themed meeting or event and want to have entertainment consult with the entertainers and the entertainment agencies. Let them know what is going to happen throughout the course of the night and they will let you know the best uses and locations for their talents. Do some research and hire the right acts for the right themes and you will be a superstar!